About The Dirt…

Welcome to theDirt. This is a monthly newsletter about Texas real estate with a special focus on land. I also send out unscheduled posts from time to time with thoughts and essays on all things real estate. theDirt comes in three flavors:

The Dirt Monthly: a monthly look at all things real estate news with a special focus on land

Dirty Deep Dives: In-depth analysis on real estate issues including price trends across the Great State of Texas

Dirty Thoughts: Commentary and essays on land markets and economics

I created this newsletter as a way to connect with fellow land nerds and enthusiasts to ensure that they stay informed about real estate trends and news. theDirt has a dash of finance, a dash of economics, a tablespoon of news, and a heaping spoonful of first-hand intelligence from land professionals in the trenches. It also has more than a few cups of comments and analysis to bring it all together. My sincere hope is that you find the information in this newsletter helpful. Maybe even informative. Barring those, perhaps entertaining. If none of the above then I might go back to building fence and digging holes.

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